E&E Trees, Inc.


E&E Trees

E&E Trees is a family owned and operated business and we look forward to assisting you with your Evergreen needs.  Ken Willets has been in the Nursery/Tree business for over 40 years.  Ken Willets takes a hands-on approach to growing and caring for your trees.  The trees are meticulously planted, sheared, maintained and dug by the E&E Trees family.  We take pride in the trees that we grow and sell.   

Ken Willets takes pride in the trees he grows for you all year round and especially Christmas.  The wreaths that are sold are handmade by Cliff at the farm daily.  The family tradition of selling Christmas trees began a long time ago on a farm in Eldersburg, MD and then moved to a farm off Talbot Run Rd in Mt. Airy, MD.  Some of you may remember it as the Unionville Tree Farm.  Sadly, Ken Willets stopped selling Christmas trees for several years but the love of the season brought him back to the new farm conveniently located in Walkersville, MD.

The E&E Trees family originally consisted of the Willets' family:  Ken, Barb, Cathy, Mark, but has grown to include Mikayla, Denise, Grace, and the twins Connor and Liam.  E&E Trees has had the loyal support and devotion of Cliff Bishop for over 27 years.  He is an irreplacable member of the E&E Trees family.   

This is truly our family tradition.  Come check us out and see why we love Christmas so much.  Make us your next family tradition.